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Video Overview of Kaweco Sports Series

Comparing the Ice Sport, Skyline Sport, Classic Sport and AL Sport fountain pens.

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Kaweco Special Dip Pen Giveaway Alert!

Ian Hedley from is giving away a Kaweco Special Dip Pen – all you have to do be be in with a chance of winning it is comment on his blog post before 9am (GMT) this Sunday (29th). What are you waiting for?!

How to Convert your Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen into an Eyedropper

If the first thought that came in to your head when you heard the words “eyedropper” and “pen” used together was that it must be an excruciating form of torture (or was it just me?!), fear not! An eyedropper pen is simply one where the barrel is filled directly with ink instead of using an ink cartridge or converter. “Why would I want to do that?” I hear you ask?! Well, for a couple of reasons:

  • It looks really cool (very important!) – if you like demonstrator (transparent) pens, turning one into an eyedropper takes it to another level.
  • The pen will hold more ink as an eyedropper than you will find in any ink cartridge or converter (quite important!)

The Kaweco Ice Sport looks amazing as an eyedropper because of its clear barrel, and you can match your ink with the colour of the cap, as Michael from Scrively has done below:

You could also try it with the Kaweco Classic Sport demonstrator fountain pen.

It sounds like a messy job but converting a fountain pen to an eyedropper is quite easy to do. If you’re tempted to have a go, Brian Goulet from Goulet Pens in the USA has made a great YouTube video showing you exactly how it’s done (ignore the part about there being no converter for the Kaweco Sport pens though – Brian made the video in 2011, and Kaweco have since introduced a converter for their Sport pens):

Take a virtual tour around the Kaweco factory

If you’re interested to see what goes on behind the scenes at Kaweco, there’s a great piece on Dr Matthias Meckel’s blog ( on his visit to Kaweco in December


Exciting new products coming soon from Kaweco!

Happy New Year to all of our Kaweco-loving friends!  (It’s a bit late I know!). Our Christmas period was totally bonkers thanks to you all 🙂 – so much so that I wonder if there’s now a Kaweco pen or pencil in every house in the UK?!

Anyway, enough of last year, Kaweco have some really cool new pens coming out soon and we’re itching to share them with you. Sadly we’re not allowed to yet, but if you happen to going to the Paperworld trade show in Frankfurt at the end of January, pop by the Kaweco stand (Hall 6, Stand E24) where they will be launching them to the market. Otherwise, watch this space, we’ll be sharing them with you as soon as we get back and selling them by the end of February! In the meantime, think pastels and think metals …

Happy Christmas!

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas; may it be full of your favourite people as well as your favourite things.

Kaweco King

The Kaweco King … a marriage of traditional design, perfect craftsmanship, perfectly balanced weight and celluloid .. a crown cast in solid silver & plated with 18 carat gold, and an 18 ct gold plated clip and filling-lever … two bi-colour rhodium plated 18-carat gold Heidelberg nib options … only 300 made … housed in a luxury black wooden box, a polishing tissue and a Kaweco Certificate.

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Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen Disassembly by Simon Brown

Here’s a cool video of Simon Brown  making it look very simple to disassemble a Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen.  We love the intricate simplicity of pens, if there can be such a thing?!

(If you decide to try it for yourself, be warned, you disassemble pens at your own risk!)

Kaweco Student Rollerball Review

It’s not so often that you find reviews of Kaweco’s rollerball pens (the focus usually being on Kaweco’s fountain pens), so it’s nice to see one just published on Scrively about the Kaweco Student rollerball pen.  Read the Scrively Kaweco Student Rollerball review or watch it below …

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